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by Anton Theunissen | Nov 26, 2020

If there is a record mortality and Hugo de Jonge has not pushed through a vaccine, he will be blamed for it. Should we therefore protect him from all consequences, just like the pharmaceutical companies?

The penchant for risk aversion has disastrous consequences.

This is in response to a new interview with Menno Bouma. The earlier interview excelled in simplicity and comprehensibility. It tells everything about Corona in a nutshell, read that integral here, including the text of this article, also as a Dutch version.

Again a lot of interesting facts in this interview (for example, the vaccination principle is thousands of years old). Below are some quotes and the link to the interview:

"The number of people who die with or without a flu shot is not that different."

"If one of your patients dies to whom you, as a GP, offered the flu shot, it has no consequences for you as a doctor. But if one of your patients dies and you, as a GP, have not offered the flu shot, you as a GP can be accused of death by negligence."

"The annual flu shot costs GPs a lot of time, and costs healthcare millions of euros. That time and money could have been spent elsewhere. The question is whether the costs and benefits in the case of the flu shot are weighed against each other in a nuanced way."

Physician, epidemiologist and emeritus professor Menno Jan Bouma (worked as a vaccination doctor, among others)

Bouma again emphasizes the importance of ventilation, HCQ, vitamin D and in general: good nutrition and physical condition. That is what the WHO should be focusing on.

"Initially, vaccination campaigns were successful, leading to the eradication of smallpox in 1979, for example. [...] The WHO significantly expanded its arsenal of vaccinations. As a result, many infectious diseases have been greatly contained. [...] We have all had the diseases that can be vaccinated away by now."

Menno Bouma

Another top interview on east-online where the national media news can lick his/her fingers. Wash your hands first!

Be sure to read the whole article: Ohns afweersysteem in tijden van corona. De griepprik, vaccinatie en microvaccinatie | (

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